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Some of us have the knack for doing something and sometimes it comes natural for us to do so. The same goes to directing music videos as well. In making a music video, there are a lot of elements that you need to focus on and two specific aspects are the music and the artist. Understanding the artist and relating that understanding to the brand of music that the artist is delivering is quite difficult for most directors to correlate. Most artists who have been in the music industry already have some music video director of their choice because of the relationship that they have through the years that they worked together.


Learning how to direct


If you are into creating and making videos then you will love directing music videos. In directing music videos, you are putting yourself in charge of everything but as mentioned earlier, you need to have that connection with the artist that you are working with and that is the hardest part of being a director. Once you already have started to create that relationship with the artist, then you have to be the one to initiate the pouring of ideas for the music video you are going to direct.

As the director, you must be able to assert yourself in what you would like to do and that really depends on the ideas of the artist itself. The moment you have an understanding of what the artist want, then you can now start to pour in your ideas for the video. You can now work together in creating the theme for the video which the most important part so as to have a direction where the music video is going.


Ultimately, there are other technical things that you need to know and those are critical as well. But the most important aspect of directing is the relationship between the director and the artist and that part should be learned on the job. Being professional will definitely help but having the initiative to make the best video for the artist will be attributed to the dedication and consideration that you as a director is giving towards the project.

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