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Did you ever wonder why there are music videos? When did it start and who started it? These questions are seldom asked because of the fact that music videos are featured differently and very nice to look at. They do really capture the imaginations of the viewers and that is what music video should be.


When did it start?


An Australian show with a title of “countdown” featured the first ever music video in promoting the scenes of the show. This happened specifically in the 70s. They use the music video clips to show their acts on the show. This method attracted the music industry and saw the music videos marketing potential. The most popular music video feature an AC/DC hit called “It’s a long way to the top” and this was released during an 80s countdown to over 20 countries worldwide.


As the popularity of these music videos continued to rise, an American company took advantage of it and they create a program called Video Concert Hall and became America’s music video channel ahead of the popularly known MTV. In 1981, the latter was launched and offered a 24 hour music television. Throughout the 80s MTV has become the official music channel of the world feature music videos of popular artist, concerts and other music related activities that can be shown on TV. Michael Jackson Thriller video on the same decade and it’s a 14 minute long video which because the most influential video in music video history.


On the following decade, MTV has launched their brand of television on other countries in order to accommodate their local artist and widen MTV and make it an international brand and they were very successful in doing it. Subsequently, artist from other parts of the world got the opportunity to be discovered by other viewers and to widen their fan base.

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