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If you are an aspiring artist, it is nice that you have an idea on how to make a music video. Now, you don’t have to be a genius on how to figure out how to create one. You can research yourself about creating music videos and all the equipment’s that you’re going to need is already available. But for starter, here some basic instructions that you need to take heed in order to make that first video come out the best as it should be.

Basic steps to take

• Music – every music video has music in it. That is very elementary. So you need to get your own music or make your own music and make a video for it. The music will be the inspiration of the music video that you’re going to create.
• Brainstorming for ideas – start with what’s the song all about? The feeling that the song delivers, those kinds of stuff and generate a theme for your music video base on these aspects so that you will be able to create a relationship between the video and the song.
• Get some professionals – it doesn’t really mean that you are going to hire them, just try to pick what they have in mind for the music video that you are creating. These people know the music industry like the back of their hands so you could get some great ideas from them. This is also the best time to know whether the ideas that you got for the video is relevant with the music that you have.

• Last is the pre-production – this is where you choose people who would appear on the video, people that you will work with. You to select the people to be your crew properly so as to get who you really need and not those who just want to jump in the band wagon.
Basically, you need to plan and plan and plan for your first ever music videos and that will not guarantee that you will not meet any challenges along the way. So go ahead and create your very first music video.

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