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Pop stars are the most popular people in the face of the planet. They attract fans like magnet and they generate money much like opening a faucet. These young artists create music and attract the attention of the younger generation which results to an increase in sales of their albums even reaching platinum sales. But notice something, these artist won’t be known, will not be that rich if they aren’t seen in a music video. Every single artist that you know that are popular has already appeared in one or more music videos that is why they are already popular.

Create your own

If you want to be known and show your talent or your craft, why not make you own video or music video? With the current technology that we have, anybody has now the capability to create their own music and post it online and invite friends to view and like the video. That will be your first step and you shouldn’t stop from there. You should make another video and do the same thing that you did the first time for that is the method that the people you look up to did it. Remember that every dream is reachable and if you do your best you will be able to live your dreams.

Becoming popular is may be what you want at the moment, but if you love your craft and create the best music videos that you can then the popularity will just come. Don’t try too hard to be popular, instead work hard on your craft and you will be successful and popular at the same time.

It only begins with a small spark; it’s up to you whether you would let that spark burn into a flame let it shine bright. The entire pop stars have all appeared in a music video and that’s how they became popular at the start of their career. If you do the same you will eventually get to where they are now. After you create your music video, post it on reliable websites that you are sure that a lot of people will be able to visit and have chance to see you in your own video.

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